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  1. Day Twelve – A character you wish hadn’t died

Obviously so far the only main character deaths are Sam and Nehemia. I cannot pick between them as to which one’s death I had wished for the least, because a) I love them both so so much and b) their deaths were both very important to the plot. Without Sam’s death, ToG wouldn’t have happened at all. Without Nehemia’s, the second half of CoM and then probably the entire rest of the series wouldn’t have happened.

So I’m gonna go in terms of plot here because emotionally I love them both too much to pick between them. I’ll say Sam, because, honestly, I can’t think of another way to set Celaena into motion in CoM. I’m sure there could have been other ways, but I think Nehemia’s death was definitely probably the most effective way. Sam’s death, however, wouldn’t have been…

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