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Throne of Glass: If was….

Because I love you Chaol. Because if I were asked to choose between you and him would choose him. Perce And I realized that I can not give you a heart that’s already someone else. And I had to stop before I hurt you. Because after all, you and Dorian are the only ones not having seen a monster. Why are the only ones that I can call friends. Before I was scared, hurt, betrayed, I thought my life was over with him. But enough. So I’ve taken more when I could not get up. They beat me when I did not want to live more. But now I take it back. Why should I have to understand that there could be momdo to me that there was him. The gods I have my parents, my childhood, Nhemia, my innocence … but especially Sam. I will take it back for me, them and for you. Why do I have restored my will to live. And now I’m leaving. to resume the only one I gave my heart. He turned to see him one last time, and instead of seeing remorse or sadness he saw only pride. Before you walk out that door and took her by the arm and said with tears in her eyes. -I Hope that I will recover. Why you need it. To the gods he will have that and more. I owe you the confidence in myself that I did not believe that he had lost. The kingdom owes you the freedom that you have given back. And I let her go as you remember that face a lean diciotrenne arrogant and out of Endovier with a smile that hid the biggest pain. And while we thought thank the gods to have her in his life. Even when they break your heart knew that a part of her she still loved him. And he hoped with all his heart that he could get it back. Because the world had taken so much. But now it was time for the meridian love it deserved.

– No one knows but sometimes I imagine how it could be if Celaena discovered a way to bring back Sam, what would you say to Chaol. I love Chaol. Seriously. But I feel inside of me (call it the sixth largest senzo or as suits you) that in the end will choose Sam. And I tell you 95% of the time we take it in full. But I do not understand why he should suffer like a dog so my final alternative will have to be rewarding for all faces. I do not know if Perce won the team to Sam Chaol should feel defeated or broken-hearted as us at the end of the last novel. So I hope you like it!

ilreleone 😉